5 Royalty Reporting Profile

This Profile is for reporting Royalties based on Usages, Revenues and/or Sales of Releases.

To indicate that a Sales/Usage Report is created in accordance with this Profile standard, the Profile Cell in the HEAD Record shall contain the value RoyaltyReportingProfile and the ProfileVersion Cell shall contain the value 1.1.

 The following Records shall be communicated for each Block in this order:

  1. None or one Release Record of type RE01.02 describing a Head Release.
    If the Message Sender has received a NewReleaseMessage defined in DDEX’s Release Notification Message Suite Standard, the “Head Release” is the AlbumRelease as defined in the NewReleaseMessage;

  2. One or more Intra-Block Groupings of Records providing:

    1. One Resource Records describing Resources of type AS01.02 or AS02.03.
      These Records provide information regarding all the Sound Recordings, Videos and other Resources that are contained in the Head Release.
      While the AS02.03 Record allows the communication of the basic details of a Musical Work that underpins the Resource, the AS01.02 Record does not allow this. Only Resources that have been used or sold shall be included in this section of the Block. For the avoidance of doubt, if a Head Release has been used or sold, all Resources of that Head Release need to be included in the Sales Report Message;

    2. None, one or more Musical Work Records of type MW01.02 describing Musical Works.
      These Records provide information regarding all the Musical Works that are utilised in the Head Release and/or one of its Resources. As shown in Figure 5, the Musical Work Records are interspersed with the Resource Records. The Musical Work records immediately following a Resource record describe Works used in that Resource. MW01.02 Records may not be used in combination with AS02.01 Records;

    3. For each Work (in AS02.01 or MW01.02)

      1. None, one or many Records providing Resource Usage, Revenue or Sales figures of type RU01.02 or RU02.02.

      2. At least one Sales/Usage Record of type SU03.03; and

      3. One or more Licensor-specific Sales/Usage Record of type LI01.03 for each SU03.03 Record


The Blocks shall be preceded by one or more Summary Record SY07.01 for each Rights Controller to whom the Sales Report Message is addressed, to provide information on Usage, Revenue or Sales allocated to that Rights Controller according to the calculations made by the Message Sender. Each LI01.03 Record shall point to one of the SY07.01 Records.

The layout of a Block is depicted below (note that the RE01.02 can be omitted if no Release information is available ad the AS02.01 can be replaced by a AS01.02 followed by a MW01.02):

The table below provides an overview of the order and cardinality of the Records to be used in this Profile.

Record Type












|  RE01.02



|  Intra-Block Grouping



|   |  AS01.02 or AS02.03



|   |   |   MW01.02


May only follow AS01

|   |   RU01.02 or R02.02 



|   |   SU03.03



|   |   |   LI01.03






For cases where the Message Sender has not received a claim for a sound recording from its owner, the AS01.02/AS02.03 record shall be virtually empty, only containing a RecordTypeand a BlockId.